Because of some international readers, here's my favorite recipe in English!

Penne pasta

Hot smoked salmon


Leek / spring onion


Natural Yogurt



Black pepper



Mustard (preferably Turun Sinappi from Finland)

Cherry tomatoes

(cold smoked salmon)



Cook the pasta, you can also use different pasta but penne is my big favorite for this salad. Add the pasta to the serving bowl and add cleaned (=take the possible bones off) salmon. Add the juice of half of lemon. Add lots of cucumber and a bit of leek / spring onion. It depends what you like, no perfect measurements…


Add some lemon juice and mustard to the mix of labneh and yogurt; I prefer to have 1/3 of labneh and 2/3 yogurt. Add some black pepper and a little salt & sugar. You can add the dill to the sauce or in the top of the salad.


If you prepare the salad in before hand, add the sauce just before serving (otherwise there's no sauce left since pasta will "drink" all of it). Decorate the salad with cherry tomatoes and eggs; you can also add some cold smoked salmon.


And it's still very tasty even on the following day when there's no more sauce.


Usually you only get hot smoked salmon from the Scandinavian countries, if it's not available and you are not willing to do the smoking by yourself, you can use some oven baked salmon - of course the taste is not exactly the same. I don't know exactly what could be the substitute of Finnish mustard, it's not like dijon or sweet mustard, in that case I'd use a bit mild mustard and try how's the taste. You can also use mayonnaise / sour cream in a sauce if you wish.