Some tips when visiting lovely <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Cape Town in South Africa; especially for my dear friend from Portland who is going to be there soon:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Seafood Platter at the Cape of Good Hope restaurant.


Clubbing at Dixon/Waterkant; Cubana restaurant.


Dinner / clubbing at CampsBay - lovely villas!!!


Dinner at Waterfront (don't stay in the shopping mall restaurants, go to the "other side")


Lunch at Botanical Gardens, either at Cafe or picnic


Drinks at Long Street


Sunset photos from Signal Hill


TableMountain must any time - but watch for clouds.


Amazing view from Mountain View; go there for sunset. Sunset drinks / early dinner at On the Rocks.


Scenery road from x to x.


Lunch / drinks at Hermanus center; you can do whale watching from the cafe's table!!! You can also buy take-away food from Ocean Basket (nation wide sea food restaurant chain).


Coffee break at Houhoek.


If somebody is making pancakes on the street; go for it - especially banana & caramel is an excellent combination.


Eat lots of seafood; especially prawns. Many restaurants have lovely seafood platter or steak & prawn combinations...


Enjoy the local wine!!! Local cider Savanna Dry/Light is also very nice.


Coffee is good, usually latte costs one euro. In all places you get also hot milk with your American coffee.


Tap water is drinkable.


Rent a car. It's cheap; public transportation basically doesn't exist - but don't drink & drive; when clubbing, take a cab back home.


Don't walk outside after sunset; it's ok in CampsBay but no no in down town; look what the locals do.


Most shops close at 6pm or 7pm; at Waterfront a bit later - it's not Dubai where you can shop during Ramadan even after midnight!!!


Whale watching festival in Hermanus in late September; if you want to take a boat trip; go with Hermanus Whale Cruise, not the fanciest boat but best visibility; ask whether they are going to the closer sites; those are much better!!!


Cage diving with great white sharks in Kleinsbaai; best visibility / warmest water in May-August; even Brad Pitt is diving with Shark Lady!!!